Welcome to the nouveau caresscaress-page!

This will be the new online home to the V-Files-Radioshow, which has already been running on the “real” (yes, that´s Ultrashortwave, remember?) Radio station Querfunk Karlsruhe for really quite
a while now.

It is hosted by Ubbo Gronewold, who is trying to select a range of soulful music as wide as possible and make maximum use of the advantages of “non-format” radio, be it in matters of diversity, track-length (no, we don´t have to stick to any four minute-restrictions…) or in any other respect. The show covers all kinds of music I consider as great, new to old, organic to electronic, from bedroom productions to the ones from the times of the big studios like Philly International. Think Charles Mingus as a teacher and Inner City as a preacher and you´re not too far away. And by the way, add some Cab Calloway to it!

Finally I´m able to offer a “traditional” Radio show along with net advances like tracklist availability and on demand use for better listener convenience! The show in the future will try to include a good amount of guest mixes, artist features and interviews as well!
In addition to the Radio show you might find some extra things like what record I´m listening to at the moment or my views on this or that happening in our fast moving world every now and then.
I hope you will enjoy this site!

Send your music to hello[a]

Of course feel also free to just drop me a line.

Last but not least, thanks a lot to Tobias / s— for helping to make this happen!